Understanding what riparian edge is, and how it fits into the food web, can help us understand solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss.

  • When it occurs at the waterline it’s particularly favored by a wide range of fish species.
  • Invertebrate life is abundant in such settings, especially when paired with secure habitat.
  • It’s where plants and insects and fish come together.

Can we grow new real estate and stop methane emissions from water at the same time?

large floating flat land mass in a body of water
Aerial view of large floating island built for tern nesting habitat (photo credit: Floating Island International LLC)

Manatees in Florida feed on coastal seagrass, a species at risk from phosphorus surge

a mother and child manatee swimming in clear ocean
Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

Power and Clean Water are Not Mutually Exclusive

One iteration of floating solar integration with BioHaven Floating Islands is the NanoHaven. But there are many integrations for the islands: As protective barriers (from wind and waves), as platforms, and more! The FPV market is ripe for innovation. We can develop solar projects with nutrient removal at the fore.

At Shepherd, MT, we are well positioned to grow our own wild food.

How will you move from thought to action in 2021?

Young person of color smiling, sitting on a dock holding a fishing line with a fish she caught on the hook
Image 1: A young visitor to Fish Fry Lake learning to fish.

Any discussion of water and other resources can quickly become a political debate

Pure, clean, water at Shepherd Research Center, being circulated by a floating streambed.

Biology is a can of worms. Seriously!

Fish swimming under a floating island where freshwater coral as well as biofilm and diatoms have grown. Heterotrophs, autotrophs, and invertebrates are all doing their work as part of the life cycle.

Mother Nature Doesn’t Like Quick Fixes and End-of-Ditch Stewardship.

Bruce Kania

Inventor. Fisherman. Hunter. Addressing climate change one pond at a time. Growing fish, not algae. Writing from my lake in MT. FloatingIslandInternational.com

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